Innovation: George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture
South Bend 2009 - 2010

  • Introduction and other resources
  • Rickey sculptures and our schools: help for teachers - grades K-12
    A series of lesson plans for teachers to incorporate the science and math aspects of the Rickey sculptures.
    The lessons suggest how to use the sculptures in illustrating and developing science and math concepts
    in a hands-on guided inquiry format. The concepts in the lessons are linked to the Indiana standards
    for science and math, and can be used in grade-levels K-12.

  • A Map of the outdoor exhibits in downtown South Bend.
  • The indoor Rickey exhibition, "George Rickey: Arc of Development", at the South Bend Museum of Art.
    The exhibit traces the development of Rickey's art;
    it is in the Warner Gallery (free) and runs from September 26, 2009 till January 10, 2010.
  • Rickey Sculpture at the Snite Museum of Art, on the Notre Dame campus.
    The Snite holds a permanent archive of Rickey's work: three sculptures are on display in the sculpture garden
    and many models (maquets) built by Rickey, are on display in the atrium.
  • An informational walk: "The Rickey Trail" around the outdoor sculptures.
  • More pictures of the Rickey Sculptures.

  • * These pages and support for our local teachers provided by
    NISMEC - the Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative.
The breaking column
Two horizontal/vertical planes
The tree balance (at the Snite)

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