Innovation: George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture
South Bend 2009 - 2010

Lesson 10: Energy - 1
Grades 9-12 (could adapt these ideas for K-8)

Resources: (1) More
pictures of Rickey sculptures; (2) Three 30 second videos of the sculptures

    Possible Questions
How do we use the wind to help us in our every day lives?
Where does wind-energy come from?
What is the relationship between motion and energy? And with "useful" energy?

Teacher help:
Whole class introduction with questions;
Compare how Rickey sculptures use wind energy to produce motion.
Directed discussion - why the needs for renewable energy use, drawbacks of wind-energy (variable, not much for each “wind-energy generator”)
group discussions and writing their ideas about the questions raised
- these could focus on the mechanics of wind-mills, how rickey sculptures direct the wind energy, etc
(Hands-on) Students construct a Rickey-style windmill
Summing up the experience: Whole class discussions
How effective were the models in producing motion? - how would you improve your models?
(note, not every group need be successful)
Is efficiency important? - Can we make them better?
Extensions: How much energy can we produce from the wind?
How do the new “wind-farms” compare with “old-fashioned” windmills?
Are we going to need more “wind farms” in the future?
Can we compare wind-energy with other forms of energy? (renwable and non-renewable)
Where does the wind come from?