Innovation: George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture
South Bend 2009 - 2010

 Some photos of the George Rickey Sculptures in downtown South Bend and at the Notre Dame Snite Art Gallery

   Pictures of the sculptures
in the outdoor exhibition:
 (Click on pic to enlarge)          
Map key Where Name Pic-1 Pic-2 Pic-3 Pic-4
 1  Morris Theatre Plaza  Annular Eclipse V    
 2  Michigan/Colfax (SW)  Four L's Excentric II    
 3  Michigan/Washington (SE)  Breaking Column  
 4  Michigan/Jefferson (NW)  Two Planes
  Vertical Horizontal IV
 5  Michigan/Jefferson (SE)  Two Rectangles Horizontal
  Jointed Gyratory
 6  Century center,
  South side lawn
 Triple L Excentric:
  Gyratory Gyratory
 7  Century center,
  South side lawn
 Two Open Trapezoids Excentric    
 8  Century center,
  South side lawn
 Two Lines Up Excentric
  Gyratory II
 Not on map  SBMA West wall  Two Open rectangles
  Horizontal axis
 9  SBM NW entrance  Chevron Theme    
 10  Northwest of the SBM Entrance dock  Two Open rectangles
  Horizontal III

   Rickey Sculptures at the Snite
  Outdoors and inside
(Click on pic
 to enlarge)
 Where  Name  Pic 1  Pic 2  Pic 3  Pic 4
 Garden  Two Needles    
 Garden  Two triangles
 Garden  Gyratory Tree
 Atrium  Maquets (models)